A Golden Lasso of My Own
The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty, by looking at a fat person, is their own level of stereotype and prejudice toward fat people.
Marilyn Wann, bad-ass feminist and fat-activist extraordinaire.


If you need a good laugh, this is the link for you. 

The self-portrait is pretty much objectively the best thing ever.


A bit conflicted

A lot of people are really stoked that Paula Deen’s restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s, has closed. I don’t know how stoked I am about it, though.

Now, do NOT get me wrong, I don’t have a single shred of sympathy for Paula Deen and the (about-damn-timely) demise of her restaurant. But I do feel sad for all of the employees who lost their jobs as a result - even if it was a shitty job lost. 


Do you think mutants are able to qualify for food stamps? Or do you think they need to jump through like 500 hoops to be able to even be considered for them?

I would think so - and probably SSDI too. Now, whether or not they would be able to effectively ACCESS it … well, as is the case with pretty much everyone who needs such programs to eke out a living, that is another question entirely.

[TW: Hostility to agency, misogyny]

The Kansas state legislature is considering legislation that would: 

… mandate reporting for miscarriages at any stage in pregnancy, the first step along the path to criminalizing pregnant women’s bodies. Under an amendment attached to HB 2613—which was originally intended to update the state’s procedure for issuing birth certificates for stillborn babies—doctors would be required to report all of their patients’ miscarriages to the state health department.

There’s so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin. 

Oh, wait.

[Astronomers have discovered] a probable dwarf planet that orbits the Sun far beyond Pluto, in the most distant trajectory known. …The newfound object’s official name is 2012 VP113, but the discovery team calls it VP for short, or just ‘Biden’.

Alexandra Witze, via Nature http://www.nature.com/news/dwarf-planet-stretches-solar-system-s-edge-1.14921

I don’t have anything to say about this except:

1) LOL, nice.
2) Yay, science!
3) I’d live to see Biden’s reaction to becoming the namesake of a cute, tiny, rose colored mini-planet. I’m sure he’d be tickled pink (hehe)

And say hello to the Supreme Court’s new decision, in which the Court:

"struck down restrictions on the grand total that any person can contribute to all federal candidates for office. Today’s decision left intact the cap of $2,600 per election that a contributor to give to any single candidate for federal office, but it invalidated the separate limit on how much can be contributed to all federal candidates put together—$48,600. …Supporters of what’s known as the aggregate contribution limit said its purpose was to help prevent corruption. Without it, warned Fred Wertheimer, a longtime proponent of federal regulation of contributions, ‘you will establish a system of legalized bribery like we used to have before the Watergate scandals.’"

Which is to say nothing of the fact that it further erodes the equalizing effect that universal suffrage is meant to achieve.

INDIANA FOLKS! The ACLU is seeking stories about what “freedom to marry” means to you!

[TW: Homophobia]

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana has filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on March 14, 2014.* The ACLU seeks to challenge Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage, on the basis that the law violates the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the US Constitution. Yay!

If you live in Indiana, the ACLU is soliciting stories about what the freedom to marry means to you, in preparation for the challenge (and don’t worry, your story won’t be used without your permission). You can also read the press release, which includes information on the plaintiffs and particular facts, here.

Midori Fujii, et al. v. Indiana Governor, et al., Cause No. 1:14-cv-00404-TWP-DKL

The Council of Islamic Ideology today demanded that there be no minimum age for marriage to take place, basically saying that it was Islamically lawful for children to get married as long as a rukhsati happened when the children reached the age of puberty.

This goes against everything that Islam teaches about marriage.

A valid marriage in Islam requires that the two people be emotionally, physically, and mentally ready for marriage. Even if a child reaches puberty at nine, does that make her or him ready to be a husband and wife? Anyone who thinks that physical maturity is the only requirement for marriage is an animal confined to the basest of concerns.

A valid marriage in Islam requires witnesses to the marriage; that the marriage be announced publicly; that the marriage be physically consummated; and that the husband’s family celebrates the consummation by feeding people at a dinner or other gathering.

To say that you can marry a child and have the rukhsati (ceremony in which the bride leaves her parents’ house to go to the groom’s house, and is South Asian, not Islamic in origin) years later makes a mockery of the requirements Islam sets out for a valid marriage.

A valid marriage in Islam requires the free consent of both parties. Children are not able to give consent freely to marriage: this is an indisputable fact. It is parents of children who are giving their consent, robbing those children of their human rights.

In truth, child marriage is not about satisfying lust. It is about acquiring a girl child as property: a very valuable piece of property who will grow into a woman that will be your sex slave, domestic worker, and bearer of your children, because she has no other choice.

[TW: homophobia, child abuse, sexual assault]

So remember that recent interview in which Pope Francis allegedly came out “in support” of civil unions? Well, no surprise here, *cough* but the actual quote is FAR LESS enthusiastic/progressive/liberal than the media has made it out to be. Specifically:

“Marriage is between a man and a woman. The secular states want to justify civil unions to regulate different situations of living together, driven by the need to regulate economic aspects between people, like ensuring health care.” Unable to identify any of the ways countries have addressed the matter, he added, “We need to see the different cases and evaluate them in their variety.”

…Yeaaaaaah. You know, last I checked, it’s not actually “support” of civil unions to say “countries are doing different stuff with civil unions and I don’t know what it is or exactly why.” But that’s your Progressive Pope (TM) for you! 

In addition, Monsieur Pope said one or two other things in that SAME INTERVIEW which, SHOCKINGLY, have not received very much media attention! To wit:

The interview contains some of the pope’s only public words on the sexual abuse crisis, which continues to roil dioceses across the world. Asked about the subject, Francis replies: “I want to say two things.”

“The cases of abuse are awful because they leave profound wounds,” he states. “Benedict XVI was very courageous and has opened a way. On this way the church has done so much. Perhaps most of all.”

“The statistics of the phenomenon of violence against children are staggering, but show clearly that the vast majority of abuse happens in the family setting and neighborhood,” he continues.

“The Catholic church is maybe the only public institution to have moved with transparency and responsibility,” he states. “No one else has done more. Yet the church is the only one to be attacked.” 

HEY EVERYONE, DID YOU HEAR THAT?! The Catholic Church has done “perhaps most of all” for victims of childhood abuse! And everyone is picking on the Catholic Church in spite of their transparency and responsibility (HAHAHA) even though their representatives don’t abuse children nearly as much as other people!


The reason the Catholic Church has received so much scrutiny over child abuse even though the “vast majority of child abuse occurs outside of the Catholic Church” is appalling simple: when child abuse happens in a family setting, there isn’t a international encompassing machine with fucktons of money behind it, NOR IS THERE an authority figure (that a significant portion of the world’s population looks to for moral guidance) TO COVER IT UP. Further, no one is “attacking” the Catholic Church because they’re Catholic – people are demanding accountability for child rape and the abetting of child rape and the rewarding of men who aided and abetted child rape. “Attacking” versus “demanding accountability” are NOT THE SAME.

And, frankly, if colluding with police to COVER UP SEX CRIMES constitutes transparency, and BLAMING GAY PRIESTS constitutes responsibility, I’m terrified to imagine what the Catholic Church considers a LACK of transparency and responsibility.

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Worker =/= Widget

"Changing the rules for overtime eligibility will, just like increasing the minimum wage, make employees more expensive and will force employers to look for ways to cover these increased costs."

Marc Freedman, executive director of labor law policy at the US Chamber of Commerce, on President Obama’s proposal to increase the number of people who qualify for overtime.

Maybe. Or perhaps employers could simply prioritize people over profits and flatten wages so that executives don’t make hundreds of times as much as average workers in the same company. In other words: Accept slightly less profit in exchange for not continuing to viciously exploit workers – a “sacrifice” that would hardly be permanent, considering the fact that workers who are paid well BUY THINGS (it’s not exactly a magical coincidence that the huge middle class expansion post-WWII occurred during a period of high wages and increased labor union membership).

Frankly, I’m getting real tired of the bullshit assumption that MORE PROFIT, MORE GROWTH (as opposed to, you know, healthy and happy workers and communities) is always considered the penultimate goal in our Corporate-philic culture. Workers are not just some “expense” that needs to be cut down - they’re not fucking widgets: they’re the people who make enterprise possible. 







Notice how Shan Yu doesn’t even question it or make a comment about “BUT YOU’RE A GIRL” he just instantly goes into a “I’LL TEACH YOU TO KILL MY MEN AND STEAL MY VICTORY” rage and I think about this a lot sometimes

((Well that might have to do with the fact that he’s a Hun.  Women among the Huns had higher status than their Chinese counterparts and even some of their own men. Women were free to hunt and fight along side of the men, could choose their own husbands and divorce him if she choose to. There were even records of clans being led by women leaders. So for Shan Yu Mulan is just another soldier))

thank you, history side of tumblr.

He also might not have been able to see very well, due to whatever horrible disease has taken hold in his eyeballs.

Pretty serious Wilson’s Disease judging by the copper buildup in in irises, and apparent melanocytosis localized to his sclera.

Thank you medical side of tumblr


Depression is a fickle beast. Sometimes I think it’s all going to work out. I really convince myself it’s going to be ok. Maybe it’s even going to be wonderful. Other times I know it’s not. Life seems so completely pointless and unfair.

The logical part of me says the latter view is melodramatic….

Poignant and perfectly phrased, as ever.

However, I feel I must add: OP, my dear friend, you are always one of the lovely petals in my pocket.


When Deutsche Bank forecloses on a house in a predominantly minority neighborhood, it doesn’t bother maintaining the property in the same way that it does with foreclosures in white neighborhoods. … [NFHA] looked at Deutsche Bank-owned properties in the Washington, D.C., Memphis, and Chicago metropolitan areas and found vast differences in upkeep between mostly white and mostly non-white neighborhoods.
Alan Pyke, Bank Allegedly Neglects Foreclosed Houses in Black and Latino Areas, via ThinkProgress. 

Yet another bank has been named in a federal complaint filed by the National Fair Housing Alliance, which has found evidence of foreclosure discrimination. This, of course, affects property values in the neighborhood as well as safety, as upkeep of vacant homes is related to crime.

Moreover, I’m betting that the vast majority of folks therein have no idea what, if any, rights and remedies they possess with regard to their foreclosed properties and this nefarious practice, because hey guess what Secured and/or Property Transactions aren’t exactly high-school level course offerings, and lawyers are fucking expensive.

If you’re a total law nerd like me, you can read the full complaint here

[TW sexual assault, war, violence]

Despite a cease-fire agreement, the situation in South Sudan continues to deteriorate. There are increasing numbers of civilian deaths and rapes, and people are fleeing their homes in search of safe refuge.

The medical aid group Doctors Without Borders said Wednesday that patients had been killed in their beds at the Teaching Hospital in Malakal. Across South Sudan, medical equipment has been looted and wards burned to the ground. In one instance, an entire hospital was destroyed.

I would love to know if anyone who regularly watches network news has heard a fucking thing about the violence in South Sudan. I somehow doubt the answer would be a resounding “yes.” I mean, it is Oscar-weekend, after all.

…fuck everything.